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Henry Mwanje wife catches him cheating

Social media users were treated to some drama after singer Henry Mwanje was nabbed by his wife chewing a Slay queen red-handed in his car. Apparently, Mwanje drove and parked his white Harrier car somewhere far from the public in a place far from the road.

Little did he know that a thief has 40 days before they are nabbed. The wife came with someone who was recording and caught him red-handed.

At first, Mwanje refused to open the car as the wife kept banging the doors demanding him to open up. She was seething with fury asking why he had lied to her that he’s going for work yet he was going to cheat on her.

Refusing to open the car saw the wife pick up a brick and start to smash the car. This prompted the singer to open up the car. Soon as he did this, the woman pulled out this Slay Queen who has been feasting on her man’s cassava.

Apparently, the two there and then started a street fight with each other pulling their hair and dragging themselves down. Meanwhile the singer pleaded with the one recording to stop it.

Despite calls to the wife not to beat this Slay queen, she wasn’t having any of it. She beat the heck out of her and taught her an unforgettable life changing lesson.

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