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Teacher caught red-handed trying to allegedly defile his student

There was shock in a certain home after a teacher was nabbed after he went to feast on his student. According to a video, this man can be seen kneeling on the floor as he’s being beaten.

He then gets asked about his personal details such as age, name and his job plus where he works. According to his own revelation, he’s known as John Ssenfuma and he’s a teacher at Hillside School in Mityana. Additionally, he said that he’s 38 years old.

Despite saying all this, he received heavy slaps and kicks as he was being told how he was going to learn a lifetime lesson. Sources privy to the whole incident said that this teacher has been feasting on this young girl who is a student of his and she’s barely 18 years.

However, social media users wondered why the girl directed him to her place. It’s here where he was ambushed and put on the spot to answer for his sins.

Other opinions state that the girl couldn’t handle the man on his own. She therefore plotted this for him to come and meet his demise.

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