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Here is why David Lutalo’s concert was postponed

The highly anticipated David Lutalo performance, which was originally slated to take place this Saturday at the Serena Hotel Kampala, has been rescheduled.

His management apologized for any problems caused when they made this announcement on social media on Tuesday night.

The postponement, as per the management’s explanation, was brought about by interference from the recently finished NAM and G77 + China Third South Summit, wherein international delegates were still using the hotel facilities. This has made it difficult for the organizers to put on a memorable musical performance.

“The management of Da Hares Music Farm Limited wishes to notify the general public that the Babongote Concert, which had been scheduled for January 27th, 2024, at Serena Hotel, has been postponed due to the NAM and G77 + China Third South Summit that has been taking place in the country.

It has come to our notice that International Delegates who attended the above-mentioned conferences are still utilizing the Hotel premises, making it hard for the organizers to satisfactorily deliver a noteworthy music concert as projected prior.

We, therefore, wish to inform the general public that this concert has been rescheduled for November 8th, 2024, after unanimity with Serena Hotel management, and we are grateful for their cooperation.

We extend our sincere apologies to our fans, sponsors, partners, and other pretentious parties for any inconveniences caused. We, therefore, request that you retain your tickets until the fore-mentioned rescheduled concert date.”

Nonetheless, the ticket holders were urged by the organizers to hold onto their tickets until November 8th, when the show is scheduled to take place.

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