Nash Wonder attacks Sheebah again

Nash Wonder is a music producer known for his direct and honest approach, sometimes even to the point of being impolite. He has Sheebah in his sights this time, though.

It seems that Nash believes Sheebah owes him a great deal for launching her career with singles like “Ice Cream” and “Nkwata Bulungi.” But he says she’s all artificial grins and no appreciation, not thankfulness. He cries, “It’s demoralizing!” since he thinks his efforts are being ignored.

Even worse, according to Nash, Sheebah’s appeal is dwindling. He notes that, except from that one song featuring Fik Fameica, she hasn’t had many recent chart-topper hits. With a sense of jealousy mixed with sadness, he asked, “Is that all she’s got?”

“Sheebah can never escape my criticism. She’s a very fake character, evident in her lack of close friends within the entertainment and media circles. How can someone offer you the stepping stones to success, and you don’t even express gratitude? These actions demoralize us, leading some to exit the industry,” Nash Wonder stated.

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