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Mama Fina defends Bobi Wine over Gravity Omutujju

Maama Fiina, the head of witchcraft in Uganda, has requested that Bobi Wine withhold his land from the hospital’s building.

Maama Fiina clarified that Bobi Wine’s diligence allowed him to obtain the land prior to entering politics. She asserts that if Gravity truly cares, he ought to give the land instead.

“Bobi Wine shouldn’t cede his territory. It was something he had long since before he entered politics. I believe that peer pressure is what disturbs Gravity, thus anyone wants to build a hospital should contribute the land,” she partially stated in an interview with Sanyuka Television.

Gravity Omutujju called Maama Fiina and asked that Bobi Wine give up some of his Busabaala land so a hospital can be built

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