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Grenade reveals how MC Kats trashed his music

According to musician Grenade, Mc Kats was among many who didn’t think highly of him when he first began performing.

He claimed that Kats even disapproved of his songs and urged him to return to the village rather than concentrating on his music.

Grenade revealed that when he asked Mc Kats to hear some of his songs, Kats decided to demoralize him rather than give him encouragement.

“I gave MC KATS my music, and he gave me UGX 20K to go back to the village. He never believed I could make it. I refused the 20K and instead begged for 2K because I wanted to get something to eat. I never wanted to go back to the village,” he partly said in an interview with a local television.

But Grenade claims he no longer harbors resentment toward Kats and that they are now friends.

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