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Who has Radio’s hard drive? Weasel opens up

The late musician Mowzey Radio’s hard drive, which included unreleased music, is proven to belong to vocalist Weasel, aka Douglas Mayanja.

Weasel—a member of the Goodlyf song group with Radio—explained that he was the owner of the hard drive, but he was unable to determine how many songs were on it.

Confusion surrounding Radio’s death gave rise to suspicions regarding the whereabouts of the hard drive, which claimed it had been stolen and that other artists had released it without permission.

“I still have the hard drive containing all our songs, including many unreleased ones,” said he.

The use of Mowzey Radio’s voice in Azawi’s song, which was purportedly taken from the hard drive via artificial intelligence (AI), has recently caused controversy. Some people are of the opinion that Radio’s voice was stolen from his archives.

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