Bebe Cool praises Bobi Wine’s intros

Bobi Wine has never been at odds with musician Moses Ssali, better known by his stage name Bebe Cool. He has consistently insulted the NUP President for being a lousy performer and derided Bobi Wine’s music.

Bebe Cool has now acknowledged a positive aspect of Bobi Wine, though. Bobi, he explained, is the nation’s greatest musician when it comes to creating music intros.

His proficiency with introductions was a contributing factor to his musical resemblance to both Chameleon and me. He was a really good artisan when it came to intros, and I admit that he used to outdo us in that regard,” he stated in an interview with a local television station.

Bebe Cool also said that Chameleon does a terrible job with intros but a great one with verses. He also complimented himself on his versatility, saying he could handle dropping verses as well as intros.

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