Julius Kyazze equates Azawi to Radio

Swangz Avenue Boss, Julius Kyazze, has said that Azawi and Radio are on level with each other in terms of skill.

He clarified that he came to this decision in response to several people asserting that the late Radio was the original artist of Azawi’s song “Masanvu”.

Julius asserts that drawing comparisons between Azawi’s voice and Radio’s is merely meant to highlight Azawi’s remarkable skill and her commonality with Radio.

“I saw people saying that she was stealing Radio’s music, so I called her and gave her a lot of compliments. “You are a music industry titan just by being compared to the late Radio,” he said.

Kyazze made it clear that Azawi composed the song “Masanvu” on her own and that Radio did not find it on the hard drive.

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