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Ykee Benda on the Bebe Cool list

The well-known Bebe Cool list has not included musician Wicliff Tugume, also known as Ykee Benda, in years.

Due to the list’s deceptive nature, the artist clarified that he doesn’t mind being listed. In his opinion, it ought to give young musicians greater attention.

Because Joshua Baraka had the biggest song that crossed boundaries last year, Ykee said he would have been pleased if he had topped the list.

“You mess with people’s perception by making them think it’s good music. You put fake music on all your lists just because you don’t want them to cross the line. Joshua Baraka’s song ‘Nana’ would have topped Bebe Cool’s list if he were genuine,” he said.

The head of Mpaka Records also thinks that artists like Bebe Cool are scared of being replaced by more youthful, gifted performers.

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