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I’m officially single – Daniella Atim

Daniella Atim has revealed that she is single, officially terminating her 17-year marriage to famed musician Joseph Mayanja, commonly known as Jose Chameleone. Chameleone and Daniella married in a lively wedding on June 7th, 2007, and they have five children. Despite the difficulties in their relationship, they always kept their problems hidden until Daniella left Chameleone’s house in 2017 and sought safety at Sipapa’s. She then filed for divorce in Nakawa Magistrate Court, citing cruelty. Although the pair was able to reconcile and’re-unite’ at the time.

Daniella and her children moved to the United States in February 2019, after Jose Chameleone paid more than $200,000 for a mansion in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, Daniella’s cryptic social media statements and audios indicated that she had stopped her connection with Chameleone. The problem erupted in September 2020, when an audio recording leaked in which Daniela Atim stated that she was no longer romantically involved with Jose Chameleone and now saw him as a brother. In August 2022, Daniella openly chastised Chameleone’s mother on Instagram for failing to intervene when Weasel Manizo assaulted Sandra Teta, alleging a pattern of ignoring similar behavior.

Daniella broke her silence in October 2023, revealing that she had left Chameleone because of his drunkenness, unstable conduct, and late-night arrivals home. She stated that, while she respects him as a parent to their children, their marriage is gone. Daniella wants to build her own home in Uganda, but not in Kampala. Chameleone has tried unsuccessfully to reunite with Daniella since she left to the United States five years ago. Daniella turned to Instagram on Sunday evening to announce her breakup with Chameleone, claiming that she is now a single mother who has overcome domestic violence.

“My name is Daniella, and I live in a suburb of Minnesota with my five children. My faith in Jesus has been a source of strength, guiding me through difficult times. I am a social person who enjoys being around others. It took me a long time to become social again after enduring domestic violence for 16 years. I am also a food enthusiast who loves coffee and hot tea.

Five years ago, I moved to the US seeking asylum from various challenges, including domestic violence. I am now a single mom raising my children independently. Despite the seriousness of the years passing by, I choose to embrace life anew while focusing on healing myself. I am a beautiful work in progress, and I advocate saying no to domestic violence,” Daniella Atim wrote in her Instagram post.

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