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Chameleone on why he accepted to work with Fik Gaza

Collaborations with many vocalists have been bestowed upon singer Joseph Mayanja, also known as Jose Chameleon, the musician. He always catapults people to success through his partnerships, like he did with the budding vocalist Fik Gaza. Before deciding to concentrate on music, Chameleone clarified that he was a member of Fik Gaza’s security crew and has been a longstanding buddy of the musician. He continues, saying Gaza blessed him for the advancement of his profession despite his repeated requests for cooperation.

“We are friends with Fik Gaza for a long time, and our relationship goes way back. He used to be among my security people before he made it in the industry. He asked for the collaboration, and I chose to give it to him to push his career,” he partly said in an interview with a local television.

Chameleon also urged Fik Gaza to continue her efforts and extend support to the other young people living in the ghettos.

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