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Ava Peace says she can be better than Sheebah

Ava Peace, a budding artist, has stated that her goal is to surpass Sheebah Karungi, not to emulate her. Ava Peace clarified that she chose to work with Jeff Kiiwa due to his industry experience and her belief that his guidance might elevate her above Sheebah as an artist.

She made it clear that she didn’t sign with Jeff Kiiwa to take Sheebah’s place and that she wasn’t looking to emulate her.

“I can’t be another Sheebah, but I can be a better one. I signed with Jeff Kiiwa to help me with my career and not to compete with anyone but to be a better person,” she responded to questions about emulating “Sheebah Karungi.”

The most successful female artist signed to Jeff Kiiwa’s roster is Sheebah Karungi, whose name will live on as a symbol of his new Team No Sleep members.

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