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Davido reportedly pocketed Shs 1.5 b to perform in Uganda

On March 31, award-winning musician Davido from Nigeria performed at Kololo Ceremonial grounds in Kampala, Uganda.

The show was related to his global album concert tour, which has been going on for a long time.

But, rumors that Davido received payment in excess of $400,000—roughly 1.5 billion Ugandan shillings—sparked debate on the internet.

Critics and in-laws on social media are expressing worry for Ugandan musicians and accusing the promoters of the legendary performance for underpaying their own performers while charging exorbitant fees to international attendees.

One Alpha Allayinah posted on Facebook, saying, “Ugandan promoters need to do better, paying all that to a foreigner and giving your own peanuts leaves them in a strange space.”

But Kasuku, the gossip, agrees with Davido. He states that requesting a huge sum gives him class.

“I think they ask heavily to limit some promoters who don’t have money and still want to organize shows. It’s good to maintain the high rates and have a cutoff line,” he said.

It should be mentioned that Burna Boy is the most costly and in-demand musician. He is scheduled for $1,000,000 outside of Nigeria.”

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