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Jowy Landa and Rahmah Pinky beef deepens

Pinky and musician Jowy Landa were good friends up until a conflict between money and jealousy erupted between the two female vocalists.

Pinky, who was dumped by Jeff Kiiwa due to her heavy drug and alcohol usage, now feels that Landa retaliated against her by joining TNS.

Pinky feels that Jowy Landa’s decision to join Jeff Kiiwa is a betrayal.

“My song ‘Yudah’ is for those who talk about things I don’t do, yet they call themselves my friends. I know many who were my friends but betrayed me,” Pinky partly said in an interview with a local television.

Jowy Landa, on the other hand, maintains that she is totally focused on her music profession and has no issues or arguments with Pinky.

“I have no time to hate anyone, nor do I have any issues with anyone. I am focused on my music career,” Landa revealed when asked to comment on her beef with Pinky.”

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