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Mudra says he gave up on Ava Peace

Ava Peace’s first manager was dancehall performer Mudra Da Viral. Claims even suggested that the two had a close relationship.

But this year, Ava Peace left Mudra’s management to work for Team No Sleep, led by Jeff Kiiwa.

According to Mudra, he has given up on her and is now giving up all of his support to Winnie wa Mummy, an up-and-coming singer.

“As of now, she made a choice to go and work with TNS. I wouldn’t block her, and we remained friends, but business-wise, I am currently working with Winnie wa Mummy,” he partly said in an interview with Sanyuka Television.

According to Mudra, Winnie wa Mummy deserves all the help, and kind-hearted Ugandans ought to listen to her.

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