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Diana Nabatanzi is the reason I’m now Broke-Emmanuel Lwasa

Last month, business magnate Emmanuel Lwasa disclosed his personal troubles and went bankrupt.

Lwasa recently ascribed his bankruptcy on Diana Nabatanzi in an interview. He clarified that Nabatanzi had embezzled a sizeable portion of his funds and was still living off of the money she got from him.

He will never forgive Nabatanzi for robbing him of so much money, according to Lwasa, and he will keep attacking her until he finds the strength to give up.

“Up to now, she feasts on the money I splurged on her back in the days, that one of BBS. She is one of the people who brought me to zero, and I will keep speaking about her until I find a wife and regain my comfort,” he partly said in an interview with Kasuku.

After nearly a year of love involvement, Lwasa and Nabatanzi broke up. But from the comments Lwasa keeps making about the media star, it appears he never moved on.

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