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My son has the best heart ever- Chameleone’s mother

Jose Chameleone’s mother thinks he is the most giving artist in Uganda and will stop at nothing to make a buddy happy.

According to Prossy Mayanja, the renowned musician has given advice and support to a significant number of artists on how to succeed in the business.

Through collaborations, he has also given support to a number of musicians, and the songs that he has contributed have had a significant impact on the careers of these individuals.

“I hate it when someone says Chameleon is a bad person. He is so generous, and I think he is the most generous among musicians in Uganda. Chameleon is a helper and someone who wishes others well. It’s me, his father, and brothers who can testify about Chameleon’s generosity. These other people don’t want to appreciate the living,” she partly said in an interview with a local television.

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