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Jackie Chandiru reveals struggles with getting pregnant

Like many religions, Holly considers children to be priceless gifts. It follows that many women’s strong desire to become mothers is not surprising. Celebrities everywhere post pictures of their kids on social media with pride, yet other people feel that happiness is unattainable.

Jackie Chandiru, a musician, is all too familiar with this suffering. She revealed her infertility issues in a recent interview. Her eyes filled with tears as she talked about the numerous setbacks she had encountered while trying to become a mother.

Jackie has endured heartbreak repeatedly in spite of years of dating and trying. The inability to conceive has led to restless evenings, which have been exacerbated by queries and pressure from society. Jackie’s reality serves as a continual reminder of what feels absent, in contrast to her former bandmates who are mothers.

The longing began long ago, but the first dream was dashed by a miscarriage. It’s been an ongoing battle ever since. Jackie is now at a place where she can accept herself.

“I always wanted to be a mother,” she says, “but maybe it’s not God’s plan for me. It’s been hard, and people don’t understand that this isn’t a choice.”

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