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Kasuku claims Sheebah is Pregnant

It was announced that musician Sheebah Karungi was expecting in March of this year. Nonetheless, the former TNS vocalist denied the claims.

However, Sheebah Karungi is three months pregnant, according to media personality and gossip monger Kasuku’s latest assertion.

In addition to disclosing that she has already ceased accepting reservations for the final three months of this year in the hopes that it will be a period for giving birth, Kasuku said that an insider source had given him a tip.

“Sheebah is three months pregnant, I can confirm that. The source who tipped me about Remmy’s pregnancy, Momo 19’s, and Faridah Nakazibwe is the same person who told me about this pregnancy. Sheebah is even unavailable for bookings in September, October, and the following months,” he partly said.

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