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Grenade leaves club with Sheilah Gashumba

Following her announcement that she and singer Rickman were divorcing, Sheila Gashumba is currently single.

She is reportedly unsettlingly close to Grenade, who previously claimed to have had a close relationship with her, according to reports that have surfaced.

A video that has been making the rounds on social media shows Gashumba having fun with Grenade.

The two allegedly spent the weekend together at a Kampala nightclub and left with the intention of getting close.

Recently, Gashumba has been associated with dancehall artist Fik Fameica; nevertheless, it appears that the “Ghetto Champion” was taken aback by the “Nkuloga” hitmaker, who is well-known for his love misadventures.

Not too many months have passed since Grenade claimed Sheila Gashumba had sponsored his opulent lifestyle.

“But I think she had also picked interest in me because the whole thing kick-started immediately after. After the meeting, she invited me for a date because I didn’t have money … I was a cute boy! I was a hot boy. I was a clean boy. Taking good care of myself. She kept sponsoring my life for the time we were together,” Grenade said in an interview with Galaxy TV in February this year.

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