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Sandra Teta demies ever being beaten by Weasel

Sandra Teta, the singer Douglas Mayanja, better known as Weasel’s wife, has disclosed the reason behind her refusal to divorce her husband.

She said that people should realize that different couples and marriages experience different problems and that the reports about being beaten are untrue.

Together, Weasel and Sandra are parents of two kids. They have been dating for more than five years, and because Weasel is well-known, their relationship has been covered by the media.

When Sandra’s huge face showed, numerous assumptions were formed about them. It was alleged that he beat her up because he was inebriated and unable to control his rage.

Sandra doesn’t think she needs guidance from others on what to do. She declared that she is not leaving her marriage for anyone and that she is aware of her preferences.

Despite everything she has been through, she claimed she is confident in her husband’s love for her and their unwavering commitment to one another.

“I am not leaving my husband Weasel for any man. Different couples have different issues, and we are also a couple. I am happy where I am, and I know many people want us to break up, but I am here to stay.”

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